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A mechanical machine consists of a mechanically driven impeller that disperses air into the agitated pulp. In normal practice this machine appears as a long tank-like vessel having a number of impellers in series. Mechanical machines can have open flow of pulp between the impellers or can be of cell-to-cell design with weirs between them. In general, when the floating cells are created, there are these number to show Flotation Cell www.goldenmachine.net techniques parameters that impeller diameter and cell size, and there are parameters to show floating cells working that each cell effective volume, impeller rotation, and capacity, then is the floating cells techniques parameters that the impeller rotation has important effect on the whole floating cells process, because the floating cells quality, velocity, and efficiency are related to the parameter on condition that different slurry density, material density need different best impeller rotation. There are many manufacturers in China, and Zhejiang Golden is well known as good quality, superior service, and perfect sale. Zhejiang Golden is your best choice to process mine. Reading more:www.goldenmachine.net